Swimming lessons for building the confidence (and skill) kids need around the water.

Our Swim Bright swimming lessons will be just what your child needs to
be excited about diving into a future with swimming capabilities.

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Swim Bright is an aquatic education program that teaches FUNdamental water safety skills and stroke development for all ages.


$21 p/w


$16.80 p/w

Swim Bright members will receive:
  • Access to weekly Swim Bright classes so that skills (and fun) are continuously developed
  • Unlimited aquatic access outside of swimming lessons, 7 days a week (pending availability)

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Finding the right swimming lessons that your child will LOVE, can be a challenge.

While there are some great options out there, finding a program where your kids will develop all the right skills (and confidence) in and around the water – and one they’ll LOVE and look forward to – can sometimes be a challenge.

With so many options, how do you find the right one? It’s overwhelming to do so. And as parents, it can add unnecessary pressure to your already busy lives. 

Do you mind if we ease your mind just a little? With our Swim Bright Swim Program, this doesn’t have to be a reality anymore.  

Swim Bright was developed to 1) provide all the necessary swimming skills kids need to have confidence in and around the water, and most importantly, keep them safe.

2) Swim Bright was developed to continue building kids swimming abilities and have them progress through our Swim Bright stages into more competent swimming. 

And 3) it was developed for kids to actually have some fun in the water. If you keep them engaged, interested, and in high spirits, they’re only going to want to get in the pool more and more, and that’s how they’ll develop into competent swimmers.  

Sign your kid up today, you won’t be a disappointed parent if you do.  

Your child's plan for becoming
a confident swimmer


Sign them up as a Swim
Bright member

For just $20 a week, your child will get full access to weekly classes and unlimited access to our aquatic facilities (pending pool availability).


Enjoy and make the
most of the lessons

The key to building confidence in anything, particularly swimming, requires consistent commitment to getting stuck in. Have your child make the most of their weekly lessons and have a ton of fun as a result!


Live easy knowing your
kid is safe (and happy)
around the water

Parents lives are made easier when they don’t have to worry about their child’s safety and ability around water. Plus, the amount of fun your child is going to have will do nothing but put a smile on your face too!

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Swim Bright was developed to give students and parents the best learn to swim experience possible. And with unlimited access to our aquatic facilities as a member, your child will be able to reach their potential in the water!

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