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NARC members and visitors
can enjoy access to...

Fitness equipment and services dedicated to inspiring your best self

Learn more about our new, quality fitness and gym offerings – including group fitness classes – that will have you confident in your exercise routine.  

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools to help improve your stroke

Learn more about our indoor and outdoor pool options, with steam and sauna facilities that will have you swimming (and relaxing) your best yet.

Swimming lessons to give your kids confidence around water

Learn more about how our Swim Bright swimming lessons will be just what your kid needs to be excited about diving into a future with swimming capabilities.


NARC is proudly managed by Clublinks in partnership with City of Darebin.

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Life is better when it involves movement and healthy habits, especially with high quality equipment and support. Give yourself the best chance to live up to your potential by making physical activity a priority.

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…we know you’re the type of person who wants to make the most out of life. You want to excel in whatever you find meaningful. Whether that’s in your career, in your community, or simply, in your free time, you want to enjoy the feeling that comes with being your best self.  

In order to be that way, you need a place to help support these goals. The problem is it can be hard to find a place that has everything you need to enable you to thrive. And one that isn’t tiresome, old and low quality. All that does is leave you underwhelmed and uninspired – not the ideal recipe for reaching your potential.  

We believe it shouldn’t be this way. That’s why the Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre was built. To provide people like you a brand-new facility that will help support you on your life’s journey, no matter how that looks. 

So, become a NARC member today, make the most of our facility and start living up to your potential.  

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