Adult Stroke Correction Squad

Combining structured workouts, technique refinement, personalised feedback, and a supportive group environment to become a more confident and efficient swimmer.

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We are currently taking expressions of interest for an Adult Stroke Correction Squad

A supportive environment to become a more confident & efficient swimmer

For those in our adult swimming lessons or those wanting to refine their technique, this is the next step for you!

What we're proposing...

The details

Being part of the Northcote Adult Correction Squad provides a supportive environment where swimmers can encourage and motivate each other to reach their goals.

Group workouts and camaraderie can enhance the overall experience and build connections.

By combining structured workouts, technique refinement, personalized feedback, and a supportive group environment, a squad for swimmers who can swim 1km can help participants reach their full potential and become more confident and efficient swimmers.

Proposed session times

Weeknight morning/evening sessions and Saturday mornings in the outdoor 50m pool.

Days and times to be confirmed, 6.30am – 7.30am or 7.15 -8.15pm

Eligibility criteria

Be able to swim 1km in at least 3 of 4 different strokes


60-minute sessions

Proposed class size

1:8/10 per lane

The proposed program

1. Swimmers would undergo an initial verbal assessment to gauge their current skill level, strengths, and areas for improvement. This may involve a trial session to confirm suitability.

2. Coaches would work with participants to fine-tune their stroke technique in all four main strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. This might involve drills focused on body position, arm, and leg movement, breathing mechanics, and timing.

3. The program would also incorporate structured workouts to build endurance and stamina for longer distances. This might include interval training, distance swims.

4. Coaches would provide personalised feedback to each swimmer based on their specific needs and goals.

5. With the support of the coach, participants would track their progress over time, setting specific goals for improvement in areas such as stroke efficiency, lap times, and overall endurance.