Birthday Parties

Make waves with your child's next birthday at NARC

If your little ones are water enthusiasts, and you’re on the lookout for a fantastic venue for their upcoming birthday bash, look no further—our Centre is the go-to spot!

Say goodbye to party-planning stress and hello to a splashing good time at our Centre. Discover a watery wonderland of laughter and fun, guaranteed to keep the kids entertained.

And here’s the best part — zero stress for the parents! Stick around, and after the party, everyone is invited to make a splash in the Centre’s facilities under parent/guardian watchful eyes.

The Pool Party Package

What’s included:

  • 1.5 hour aquatic birthday party – including safe and fun-filled aquatic access to varying pools including the indoor and outdoor splash pads*.
  • Fully catered and supervised by our party team
  • Pool games that will keep the kids entertained
  • Tables, food and decorations supplied by us
  • And the grand finale: we handle the cleanup! No worries about the mess!

* subject to availability, and varying abilities of children.


Saturdays and Sundays

4:00pm – 5:30pm 

Weekdays and earlier times slots are available but limited, enquire with the team.


$35 per child (includes coffee and tea for parent/guardians). Non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to secure the booking.

Minimum 10 children, maximum of 20 children.

Available only to children 12 years or younger.

How to book a pool party at NARC 🥳

1. Click the button below and fill out the enquiry form, make sure you add the preferred party date!

2. One of our friendly team members will be in touch soon to confirm your interest and available dates, and also to answer any questions you may have 🎂

NARC Aquatic Birthday Party FAQS

Access to learn to swim (LTS) pool 3 dedicated lanes – supervised games and activities, access to indoor and outdoor splashpad.

All participating (including parents) must follow Watch Around Water guidelines. 

Supervised games and activities, 3 dedicated lanes of LTS pool, 3 dedicated lanes of 25m pool for inflatable activities, access to indoor and outdoor splashpad.

Available only to children 12 years or younger. All participating (including parents) must follow Watch Around Water guidelines. 

The party duration is 1.5 hours. There is no time limit on access to other aquatic areas after the 1.5 hours lapses, but the party space will no longer be available for use.

Birthday parties run from 2-3:30pm and 4-5:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday, each party will have an hour of games and or inflatable and 30 minutes of food and cake at the end of the party.

Birthday parties will typically run with 2 or more party hosts in the water and a Co-ordinator that organises the kids, food, and to answer any questions or queries you may have. If you have selected the games and inflatable party the children will get 30 minutes of games in the water and 30 minutes on the inflatable. If you selected just games or just the inflatable your party will run in those sections only. The party will begin with all party participants been given a party wrist band and allowed time to put on their bathers if they have not already done so. Once it hits the start time the kids will be brought to the party table where they can grab their goggles any anything else, they might need we will take them over to the Learn to Swim Pool so they can meet their party hosts and complete a swim test which allows the hosts to have a better understanding of all the kids swimming abilities.

We have a long list of party games we have tailored for different age groups some of those games include:

  • Invisible bottle
  • Simon says
  • Mat runs
  • Secret message
  • Relay obstacle course
  • Octopus
  • Mushroom whirlpool
  • Noodle/kickboard racing
  • Kickball scramble
  • Kick the ball

The inflatable is set up at the end of the pool hall in the 25m pool, it will be set up prior to the party starting. All of the party kids will be given a life jacket and given rules and guidelines before they start to use the inflatable, the kids will line up and go one by one and re-join the line once they finish.

There is no charge for supervising adults of children, limit is 20 (that’s one adult per child). Any additional adults to this number will be charged the spectator or participation fee dependent on their intention for visit (i.e. whether they will swim or not!)

It’s recommended that all parents stay at the party until the end as all kids will be able to play and use the pools after the party is over, parents are also offered complimentary tea and Barista coffee during the party (large coffee orders can be delivered to the party table by the café staff)

Party participants under the age of 10 will be given a Watch around Water wrist band and will have free play in the pools, if another party is scheduled on the same day the previous party will be asked to vacate the party area at the end of the party to allow the other party to set up.

All parties include a list of pre- chosen foods that will be brought over by our café team, parties will also include pre- made party bags. You’ll be given a large party table at the end of the 25m pool where you’ll be able to set up any party decorations you might have. We will also provide all the plates cups and bowls for the food and cake.

We have a catering options available – our team will confirm this with you when you make an enquiry.

We are focused on minimizing waste and therefore don’t offer single use plastic products where possible. With that in mind we will be serving kids drinks in plastic re-useable cups and jugs.   

You sure can! Birthday cake is the only exception to our ‘no outside food’ policy.

Party cake and any extras can be stored in the café either in the fridge or freezer and will be brought out 10-15 minutes before the end of the party

Click below to download our NARC pool party invites (A5 size, with options for at-home and professional printing).

Download the version to print at-home or digital use

Download the version for professional printing (has printer’s bleed)

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