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Enjoy the feeling that comes with diving into our indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water playgrounds and other aquatic spaces!

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With 4 swimming pools and 2 aquatic splash zones, we have an aquatic space for everyone at NARC

Lap lane availability

Our swimming facility was developed to give people who make swimming a priority the best chance possible. And with unlimited access to our swimming pools and in-pool classes as a member, you’ll be able to reach your swimming potential faster!

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Diving into the pool each week just got easier.

Finding an aquatic space that you call home and will support you on your swimming goals can be a challenge. With so many different places providing limited options, it’s not easy to find one that works for you. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

With both indoor and outdoor aquatic spaces, we have everything you need to dive into your best swimming self.

Whatever that may look like. With an 8-lane indoor swimming pool, paired with a 10-lane outdoor pool that’s heated, you’ll have all the space you need to reach your swimming goals.

(And enjoy the experience at the same time).


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Once you sign up as a member, be sure to utilise all of your membership perks and make the most of our facilities.


Reach your swimming potential

Everyone gets in the pool for different reasons. Whether you’re doing it for relaxation and to keep fit, or for more competitive reasons, you’ll be hitting your goals in no time when you dive into our pool options.

It can be a challenge finding the perfect swimming space for your needs

Many swimmers have to deal with...

Limited pool options and availability, meaning you can’t find a routine or rhythm as you try to get into the water each week

Competing for lane space with swimmers who have different goals and therefore use the pool differently

And not having adjacent services, such as a sauna, steam room, or spa for the FULL experience

We don’t want those challenges for you here at NARC. With our brand new indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities, we’ll help locals get the swimming support they need so they can dive in each week. We’re confident our facility will work for you too.