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School Holiday Intensive Swim Programs

Expression of Interest

School Holiday Intensive Swim Programs

Our Swim Bright holiday program intensive is a fantastic way for your child to elevate their swimming skills and improve their comfort in the water. 

How does it work? 

Our holiday swimming program intensive provides a unique opportunity for all types of swimmers to engage in a 30-minute lesson each day for a week. These lessons will cover aspects of both stroke development and water safety, as well as plenty of fun and games!

The program is suitable for beginner swimmers looking to learn basic swimming skills, all the way up to our advanced swimmers keen to progress in their stroke development and speed. 

Group lessons will be sorted based on our Swim Bright levels, with up to 4 students in each group. Our team will reach out to you to determine your child’s swimming level. Private lessons are limited to availability.

Please note, as this is an intensive program all students will be required to engage in 5 x 30 minute swim lessons for the week. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate lessons on only selected days. 

Register your interest here and we will be in touch 

Proposed Intensive Program Details


The holiday intensive will run on the 1st week of the upcoming Winter school holidays: Monday 1st of July to Friday 5th of July 


There will be 2 options for our intensive swim lessons: 

9-12pm session 
4-7pm session 

All classes will run for 30 minutes, with your session time being the same each day. 

Class options 

5 x 30 minute group classes 
5x 30 minute private classes 


Group class – $125 for the week (5 x 30min session)

Private session – $275 for the week (5 x 30min 1-1 session)


At this stage, our holiday intensive will be available to all our school-aged swimmers! If your child is not in school, but you are interested in participating in the holiday intensive, please reach out to us at